license terms

standard license

Under our Standard License, you may use a purchased Item in a new product you create (“End Product”) as long as the End Product meets the following requirements. End Products must be significantly different than the original Item, and End Products must not directly compete with the original Item.

All purchased Items may be used in an unlimited number of personal use projects, or End Products that you offer without selling.

Under the Standard License, you may use purchased Items to create End Products for sale, but such sales cannot exceed 500 units. This applies whether the End Product is a digital design or a physical item. If you purchase an item under a Standard License and create an End Product that exceeds 500 sales, then you are required to purchase either another Standard License or an Extended License.

You may modify or manipulate the Item or incorporate it into other content and make a derivative work from it. An End Product cannot be a mere distribution of the Item as stock, in a tool or template, with source files. You may not sublicense, resell, share, transfer, or otherwise redistribute the Item, without incorporating it into an End Product, under any circumstances, not even for free. We will retain all right, title, and ownership in the Item, however, and the resulting derivative work is subject to the terms of this Standard License. For any Items that we sell as templates or themes, you may not resell as a stock template or theme.

Under the Standard Plan, you agree not to publicly display the Item as a standalone file in any digital format on the internet or in any digital format without imposing technical or written restrictions to prevent the unauthorized use of the Item by third parties. You are required to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent third parties from accessing or duplicating the Item. If you become aware of any unauthorized duplication of any Item please notify us via email at the email address provided below.

extended license

If you purchase an Extended License, you can use Items in any manner permitted under the Standard License, pursuant to the obligations and restrictions stated in this Agreement. Additionally, under the Extended License, there is no 500 unit limit. You may use Items to create End Products that may be sold an unlimited number of times.

For any additional information regarding license and terms of use, please contact us at